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Outdoor Decoration Ideas: With LED Lights, GTA Homeowners Are Letting Their Creative Spirits Free

Every homeowner wants their house to stand out from the crowd. In suburban environments, where sprawling subdivisions of homes all built by the same building company abound, this is especially true. There are lots of ways to spruce up the exterior of your home to give it more ‘curb appeal’ or just to make it better reflect your personality and taste, but if you’ve never considered outdoor decoration ideas with LED lights, GTA homeowner may be leaving you behind. Exterior LED lighting offers a huge range of advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs. LED light fixtures, for instance, draw a small fraction of the power used by older style lights, and newer customizable LED lighting can be tailored to match virtually any preference under the sun.


Colour Change


Improving and personalizing the décor around your house could be as simple as being able to add a splash of colour to a specific area when you want it. Maybe you host (or would like to host) parties a few times a year on your back patio near the pool. If you had outdoor LED lighting installed, your parties could be awash with festive colours to match any occasion. With the push of a button, your outdoor lights can change from St. Patrick’s Day green to Canada Day red to Halloween orange, without having to change a single bulb or light filter. The versatility of outdoor LEDs means that no matter what kind of light you want, you’ve got it at the tips of your fingers.


Low Power, High Output


One of the most popular and beneficial advantages that modern LED lights have over their predecessors is their energy efficiency. By not wasting so much energy creating heat while creating light (like incandescent bulbs do), they only use a small fraction of the energy sucked in by older bulbs and fixtures. This has two benefits when looking to decorate your home with new lighting. The first is that, quite simply, it will save you money. Lower power consumption means lower energy bills, and everybody needs that. The second is that it’s simpler to install LED outdoor lighting in more places, because you don’t have to run heavy-duty, high-capacity power cables from your mains to your new lights. The third is that you don’t have to worry about installing your new LED lights in placed you may not have been able to before, like along the outside of a wooden deck, or under plants that might otherwise pose a fire risk. Without those worries holding you back, the sky’s the limit when it comes to outdoor decoration ideas with LED lights. GTA homeowners, and their counterparts across the country, have been discovering the benefits of new LED lighting technology for years now. It’s time to join them!